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January 25, 2018



In the past few months Love, Jenell’s audience has grown. YAY! I’ve seen everyone on Instagram sharing 5 random facts about themselves, so I thought it would be cool to share some random facts about myself on Love, Jenell. I figure this would be a good way for both new and old readers to learn a bit more about me. This list is full of things you wouldn’t know from my about me section or by scrolling through my Insta. I hope no one thinks I’m a little cray because of this list, lol. 

I’m afraid of the movie The Golden Child with Eddie Murphy. Listen! I don’t know what it is about this movie. I haven’t seen it since I was very young. All I remember is a little boy floating, and I’ve hated the movie ever since. A few years back I saw that Comedy Central (is this still a thing?) was playing the movie, and got a bit salty. There is nothing funny about that movie to me, lol.

People who wear shoes in the house creep me out! Like, where are you going? Should I get ready too? Do we need to be prepared to run out the house? I’m not a part of team “take off your shoes when you enter,” but seeing people walk in my bathroom or on rugs with their shoes on makes me die inside a bit. So, maybe I do need to join team no shoes allowed.

I love all things nails. Before moving to our new house I gave away and purged about 100 bottles of nail polish, and I still have too much. I’m thinking another purge is needed.

I’m afraid of hippos. I had a dream about falling into the hippo exhibit when I was young and the rest is history. Anytime I go to the zoo I avoid the hippo exhibit.

I have realllllly bad second-hand embarrassment. I used to watch reality tv until it became too much for me to watch. I know, I know….much of it, if not all, is scripted. But watching people make a fool of themselves on national tv makes me cringe.  

I hope this list doesn’t cause you to side eye me too hard.

Drop a random fact about yourself in the comment box.

Remember! You got this and God’s got you!


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