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November 20, 2017


Express Gratitude

Express Gratitude

For many of us, we pray for those we are grateful for and appreciate. We even write down in our journals who and what we are grateful for. However, how often do we express our gratitude to the people we are grateful for. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to show that we appreciate someone. All it takes is a thoughtful action that shows you acknowledge and appreciate what they do. So here are 5 ways to express gratitude. Let’s make sure our actions are matching our prayers and written words. 

Oh, and also, November is the perfect time of year to start expressing gratitude. The winter and the holidays can be a rough time for some people. I am one of those people who can get overwhelmed by the holiday season and beat down by the lack of sunlight and coldness of winter. And sometimes you just need a good word, human connection, or a break to brighten things up. Here’s a list of nice things you can do for the people you are grateful for. They may be dragging along, and you may be the light they need. And even if they are not dragging along, it’s always great to know that someone is thinking of you.


In the age of social media, it is easy to think you know what’s going on in someone’s life by what they post, but pick up the phone! Check in on the ones you care about. Let them know how amazing you think they are. 



Yep! That means you have to buy a stamp or hustle up on one from someone. But take time to send a note and let them know you are thinking of them and their greatness. 


You notice just how awesome a parent your friend or relative is? How about giving them a break for a few hours. If you want to practice this with me and my 2 little ones first, come right over.


Schedule some time to talk over coffee or a meal. It’s always good to stop, chat and reconnect. I think we can all agree that it feels good and energizing to get lost in conversation.


Always see you friend or hardworking coworker snacking on a particular treat? Pick it up from the grocery store next time you see it. I’m sure they’ll appreciate you thinking of them. So, if you happen to swing by Trader Joe’s, pick me up some dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

Take some time this holiday season and express to those around you that you see and appreciate all they do. I’m sure seeing them happy will bring you joy as well. And if you are struggling with how to express gratitude because you don’t know what you are grateful, make sure you download my FREE 7 day gratiude journal here

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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