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February 3, 2020

How a Goal Audit Can Help You Win + Tiny Hinges (Freebie)

Every month I plan to come here and talk about how my goals for 2020 are going. This year I am laser-focused on improving my health and my finances. I believe we need to audit our lives when we are serious about reaching new goals. We need to make sure we are not slipping into old habits. So, here is how I did for the month of January. Also, my thoughts on how our daily habits can create mind-blowing change and a freebie to help you audit your month. 

If we don’t audit our goals, we can easily wake up in a few months and realize we have not accomplished any of the things we set out to do. I plan to do small things monthly in the hopes to make a major impact in my life over the next couple of months

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