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December 18, 2017

Cleanse Roundup: 9 Ways to Jumpstart the New Year

Fresh start. Clean slate. New Beginnings.

In the New Year, lots of people are looking to leave the old behind and start anew. Rather it is a spiritual, health or mental cleanse, I think it’s a great to complete a cleanse in order to go into the New Year lighter and focused. For me, a cleanse shows me how strong I truly am. I completed THIS juice fast once and felt like a boss after those 3 days were over. I was ready to take over the world. And isn’t that how you want to feel at the top of the year….like a boss.

So, here’s a list of cleanses that can get you focused and set you on a right track for the new year. For the sake of organization, I’ve divided them into 3 sections: spiritual, health and mental. These cleanses range from 7 days to 40, and, hopefully, I’ve provided a little something for everyone. Click the pink link to take you to each cleanse or product. 

Faith Dare
A 30 Day Bible Study that pushes you to strengthen your faith. 

Draw the Circle
Is a 40 Day Prayer Challenge that makes you think about your dreams and fears. It would be great to read the accompanying book, The Circle Maker, before completing this challenge.

30 Days Bible Reading and Journaling
Search Pinterest for a 30 day Bible journaling challenge. From self-control to gratitude, there are several Bible reading and journaling challenges for you to enjoy.

Whole 30
Want to get serious about clean eating? Look no further.  

7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge
This is perfect for those interested in stepping up their green smoothie game. The recipes are to die for.

Daniel Fast
Want a fast that’s spiritual and will help you kick your sugar habit? This one is for you.

30 Day Social Media Detox
A social media detox that doesn’t require you to go cold turkey.

7 Days Phone Free
Addicted to your phone? Try this detox.

Want to focus on yourself a bit more? Try this 30 day self-care challenge

Now that you have the list, you can start thinking about your needs and wants in for 2018. Find a cleanse or fast that relates to those goals, or pick one cleanse or fast from each section if you are feeling up to it.  No matter which one you pick, each one requires focus and self-reflection. So, take the time to sit and think about the impact the is cleanse will have on your New Year’s goals.

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Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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  • Nathalie | Want for Wellness

    Thanks for mentioning my 30 day self-care challenge! I hope everyone who tries it out will find themselves revived 🙂

    December 18, 2017 at 12:42 pm Reply
    • jenellak

      Thanks for creating a great self-care challenge!

      December 19, 2017 at 10:43 am Reply

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