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July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites Vol. 2

Happy Friday!
This week I read and came across a few things that I wanted to share.  If you missed the  last Friday Favorites, which ended up being posted on Monday, you can read it HERE. There’s no podcast or videos this week, but I do share three things I read that I loved.  If you read or listened to a podcast or sermon this week that you loved, drop it in the comment section!

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Your Choice. You Choose.

Friday Favorites

This quote made me think about how powerful we are. How we have the ability to shape our lives depending on how we handle unfortunate events. How we handle these mishaps or events could be either harmful or helpful. I’m not take away the fact that we may be hurt or in pain because of the event, but I am acknowledging the ownership we have over that pain. What do we do with the pain after a relationship fails, after you lose a job, etc. We can either learn lessons from these events or let them define and unravel us. We have that choice. I choose lessons.

Five Things to Do in the Middle of a Storm

Today Rick Warren’s daily devotional is about handling storms and what God wants us to do in the midst of storms. Even if you are not going through a tough time in your life, I still encourage you to read the devotional. One thing that makes going through storms easier is scripture and being able to speak GOD’S TRUTHS over your life. And Rick Warren does an excellent job breaking down why we need to be connected to those truths when going through hard times. You can read that HERE.

What Kind of Fruit am I Producing

psalm 13

This scripture was a beautiful reminder for me this week. I stated in a previous post that one question I always ask myself is who am I serving. This question has come up a lot for me since I’ve started Mama’s Got This.  I want to make sure that I am rooted in and serving God and not man. If I am rooted in God and doing things for HIS glory, I know that I will be fine. In fact, I’ll be more than fine. I’ll be strong like a tree. I’ll produce fruit. In other words, I’ll be able to stand and be prosper. But I HAVE to make sure that the work I’m doing honors God.

That’s all I got. I pray that something here interests you. Thanks for reading!

Remember! You got this and God’s got you!


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