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February 1, 2018

Guard Your Vision

Guard Your Vision

Your vision is your vision alone! When we begin to talk to about our visions, we open them up to scrutiny. Just imagine you get a great ideal and share it with a friend or a family member and instead of being met with enthusiasm you are met with discouragement. That can be crushing. And just like that, you find yourself second guessing if you should pursue this dream because what they are saying makes sense. We are especially vulnerable in the beginning when we aren’t even sure what we should be doing.

But look! What they said makes sense for THEM. God didn’t give them the vision. He gave it to YOU! A lot of people give advice based on their own experiences. So, they may hear you talk about your vision and respond based on their past. Maybe when they hear that you want to buy a house, they may bring up the time they got denied a loan and how hard it is to buy a home. That is their reality. It doesn’t have to be yours. We can’t have our visions crushed by other people’s thoughts.

Once you begin to share your vision. You will have to start being a guard dog over that vision. When you first get the vision of losing the weight, starting the business, going back to school, it can be overwhelming. The last thing you want to do is have to stand watch over that vision and have to block out negativity because you told the wrong person. You have work to do, and blocking out negativity should be the least of your worries. If you don’t have anyone in your corner that you can share your ideas with, get a journal. But guard your vision and be mindful of those who you share your vision with.

And let’s be real. It is not for others to understand your vision. God gave it to YOU. Others may see the work you put in as pointless, but you know the vision God gave you. So what if no one in your family has graduated college. So what everyone you know who started a business failed. So what your mom’s house got foreclosed on. That has nothing to do with your vision. You know you were giving a vision of your life. Your job is to honor that vision, NOT to convince others that vision is worth pursuing. 

A few weeks ago I shared a vision I had with someone. And their words made me question the vision I had. I started to question if I was ready. Although I felt I was ready, once they offered me their advice I got discouraged. I kicked myself after that conversation. I’ve always been a fan of just doing and letting people see the results. But the moment I showed my cards I got my little feelings hurt, lol. Never again. I’m guarding my vision a lot better. What they said wasn’t mean. It may have been true for them, but I know the vision God gave ME and I am going to honor that.



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Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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