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December 5, 2016

Monday Musings: Motivation and Cold Weather

I cannot believe that the year is about to be over! Where did 2016 go?

As it begins to get a bit colder in Philly, my motivation has dwindled. Sitting on the couch and watching Queen Sugar often wins over doing any type of work. Sad, right? But recently I’ve been getting back in the groove and trying not to wait until 2017 to be motivated again.  

While thinking about my lack of motivation, I was reminded of Luke 5:1-11. Simon and the disciples had been fishing all day and not caught any fish. The Lord told them to go further and put their net out for a big catch. Simon obeyed, and he was able to catch enough fish to fill TWO boats. If they would of went back to shore, they would have never received the blessing God had in store for them. Rather it is the shore or the couch, in order to receive God’s blessing I need to be in the position to receive it.  I am certain that whatever God has in store for me won’t be found on the couch, and that has become enough reason for me to get up do some work!

I’ll admit that my lack of progress in certain projects has not helped my motivation. BUT this month I’m dedicated to go a little further and do things a little differently to see what can happen.  I know God is amazing and can make mighty things happen, but I also know for me to win the game I actually have to be in it. I can’t be upset about not growing or slow progress if I am not doing anything to actually progress. I’m dedicated to spending the rest of December setting the tone for my 2017 because I want to be prepared and ready to receive a mighty harvest.

I’m learning that motivation is fleeting. It is fickle. It can be here today and gone tomorrow. It’s unreliable. It can get you started, but won’t keep you going. It’s the habits we form that keep us going. It is habits that help breed consistency and develop dedication. And I believe that God honors our consistency. Galatians 6:9 teaches us that if we do not give up we will reap the blessings God has in store for us. So, it’s all about getting up every day and doing something that puts us closer to our goals. It’s about not giving up in order to receive the harvest God has in store for us.

I hope you all are not going through a bout of low motivation like me. But if you are, plan and execute. Don’t wait for motivation to come to you. Get up and chase after it. Put yourself in the position for God to bless you. Take it from me, once you go back to shore, it is hard to get back in the water BUT it is possible.

Remember, you got this and God’s got you.



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