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November 1, 2017


African American Woman TED Talks

We all need a pep talk sometimes. When you are starting a new venture or struggling to start, it’s easy to feel like we are in it alone. Somehow we tell ourselves that we are the first and only person struggling to find motivation or afraid of the unknown. It’s a lie. And these must-see TED talks help crush those fears.  These successful women talk open and honest about the ups and downs of success. 

Trust Your Struggle~ Zain Asher

Could you imagine having to serve water to people interviewing for a position that you wanted? Zain had to do just that as a receptionist while dreaming of breaking into journalism. She is not afraid to candidly talk about her hard childhood and her journey to becoming a CNN correspondent. Zain is positive that all her struggles all worked out for her good. This talk is for the woman who may just be starting or feeling as if their goals are out of reach.

Embrace the Near Win~ Sarah Lewis

Sarah beautifully describes how not every one of our efforts will be a masterpiece, BUT just because it is not a masterpiece does not mean it isn’t beautiful.  Those efforts are near wins. Near wins propel us closer to our masterpiece. These near wins show us what we don’t know, and guide us closer to our ultimate goal. This talk is for the woman struggling with procrastination brought on by perfectionism.

Success is Scarier than Failure~ Jemele Hill

This is one of my all-time favorite TED talks. As someone who struggles with worrying and anxiety, Jemele’s description of how real failure can feel and how far and distant success can feel hit home. Why is it that we can feel failure, but success feels like a dream that we can never obtain? Jemele explains her theory on how we view failure and success. This talk is for the woman struggling to shine their light. 

Tell Your Failure Story?~ Felecia Hatcher

I love how candid Felecia is about her desire to give up on her business because it wasn’t as profitable as she thought. It took her father telling her how when he started his business how much money he went in debt to show Felecia that she could still go on. Often times we only see final products, but behind many great successes are some failures. This talk is for the woman on the verge of throwing in the towel. It is also for the successful woman who had some failures in the past; tell your story in hopes of showing someone that bad times don’t last.

Ebb & Flow~ Cari Champion

Cari breaks down how we can bounce back after we find ourselves in a position we never imagined. From losing a job to taking a job you are overqualified for, Cari addresses it all. Listen as she describes momentum can be forward and backward, and how positivity can be a game changer. This talk is for the woman who may be experiencing a setback. How can you use this setback as an event to push you forward?


I hope one of these talks inspire you to keep going or start. I hope they help you see that you are not alone. So many women are trying to figure this thing out, so make sure you share these must see TED talks with your girlfriends. 

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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