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February 5, 2018


Productivity Apps

Happy Monday!

I thought I would share a few apps I use to keep me on track. I’m not an app junky, but I do love a good app that helps me reach my goals and get things done. You may notice that my list doesn’t involve any to do list or task apps. I’ve tried everything from Evernote to Trello, but I didn’t stick with any of them too long. If you all have suggestions, please let me know. Until I find the right one, I’ll be a pen and paper type girl.

Enough of the rambling. Here are 5 productivity apps that I use and love. All the apps listed can be founded on iTunes and, hopefully, the Google Play store.

I LOVE the TIDE app. I especially love the coffee shop white noise feature. But on top of the white noise it provides, TIDE makes it easy to practice mindfulness. You can set reminders on the app for you to meditate or take a walk. The TIDE app encourages users to break large tasks into a smaller task and take tiny breaks. I heard about the TIDE app about 6 or so months ago, and have been a fan since.

Dropbox makes it incredibly easy to store all the freebies from my Free Resource Library. It’s great to not have to have documents housed on my computer or stored on my webpage taking up prime real estate. I also use it for my Etsy business. It helps me share proofs and send custom orders to clients easily. I love being able to access my designs and documents anywhere I go. So, if you are constantly sending attachments are a blogger looking to create a resource library, this app is for you.

I must admit that I just downloaded this app….and I’m using a free trial, but I am loving it so far. I love the ability to be able to be blocked from social media or some of my favorite sites while doing work. I’m not sure if I will be purchasing a paid plan. I’m hoping that trail will train me to get out of the habit of browsing and checking social media when I am supposed to be working. Let’s hope it works. If not, I may spend a couple of dollars to make sure that I am on track.

OK. This isn’t an app, but more of an iPhone feature. But when you work from home, like me, I think everyone assumes you are chilling on the couch watching the daytime tv and not doing anything. The nerve. Lol. So, setting “office” hours and putting your phone on do not disturb can help lessen the amount of time you spend answering phone calls and text when you are supposed to be working. Maybe you are stronger than me, but DND helps me feel less guilty for ignoring calls or text while working. The amount of hours I have to work before picking up my kiddies from school are limited, so I don’t want to take them up chatting on the phone or answering texts.

I use Planoly to make my Etsy shop’s Instagram posts. It allows me to be active on Instagram without being active. Once or twice a month a plan out a few weeks worth of post and load them to Planoly and I’m all set. Instead of spending time during the day thinking of what or when to post, I’m able to focus on other things. Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t allow Planoly to post for you, but it still really easy to post your pictures from Planoly to Instagram. So, if you find yourself forgetting or struggling to post on Instagram, maybe check out Planoly.

I hope these productivity apps help you as much as they help me. I’m all about finding apps to help me be great and things a bit easier. Like I mentioned before, if you have any apps that you love,  please leave them in the comments.

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Productivity Apps

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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