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February 1, 2017


I think we can all admit that sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life we can forget to take care of ourselves. We can get so caught up in doing for others that doing things for ourselves may seem selfish. The realities of work, motherhood or entrepreneurship start to consume the little free time we do have. Here’s the thing though, we need me time. We need time to relax and fill ourselves up. Like the saying goes, we cannot pour from an empty cup. We have to be 100 percent in order to show up as the best version of ourselves. I want my family and friends to get the full-Jenell, not the one who is giving and loving out of a deficit. So, just like we schedule in meetings and events, it’s important that we are scheduling in me time and doing things our bodies and minds NEED to feel recharged and ready to take on the world like a BOSS.

Here are THREE practical ways to practice better self-care in 2017.

Take some time and pick up a new book. Reading 15 minutes before you start your day, during your lunch break or before bedtime are practical ways to sneak in some reading. Just think about how much you could learn this year if you spent a few minutes a day reading. I’m just finishing up reading Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst. It’s a great non-fiction read about faith, vulnerability and feeling loved. 

Social media can be draining. Sometimes there can be a need for people to be so connected to SM that they forget to be present in their own life. Often people judge a person’s entire life off of one picture, and this creates envy and breeds comparisons. We all know that comparison is the thief of joy. Also, if you find yourself on social media more than working on your passion projects or business plans, it may be beneficial to cut back on the time you spend scrolling. HERE’s a social media detox that may be helpful.

Take some time in the morning to just be. Say your prayers. Write in your journal. Read a few pages of a novel. Meditate. Whatever calms you, do that. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Take time to count your blessings and reflect on what you are thankful for. Start your day on a good note. Take care of your soul before the day starts and life starts pulling on you. Feel free to download my FREE gratitude journal or take a look at the list of devotional resources I compiled.

And let’s keep it real, with the current political climate, I think we all need to care for ourselves better. So, don’t get so bogged down by political news and caring for others that you forget to take care of yourself.

Remember, you got this and God’s got you!


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