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Seven Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is near! And while most people are clearing their houses of clutter, I think it's a good idea to clear our lives of clutter. There are everyday things that take up space in our lives that are unnecessary. So, I thought of a few ways we can Spring clean our life. These changes aren't grand, ... READ the POST

How I’m Practicing Self-Love in 2018

With February being the month of love, I thought I would talk about the ways I’m practicing self-love in 2018. 2017 was a busy year for me, so I neglected myself a bit. This year I’m focused on taking more time for myself, being gentle with me and getting closer to my goals. How I practice self-love ... READ the POST



Used this kit with my boyfriend and his family for New Year's eve to set our goals for 2021 and they all loved it! Made us really think deeper about our goals and what we should work on this year.


So easy to use. I added these to my digital sticker collection for my and digital planners notebooks. I love using these stickers as add-ons. Representation definitely matters and seeing these beautiful graphics give me a little nudge of motivation and inspiration.


Jenell was amazing. She was very helpful and answered any question. The files worked perfectly and I will definitely purchase again.

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