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The Most Important Goal Setting Question You’ll Ever Ask Yourself

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Last year I made a list of questions for the new year that we should ask ourselves before we plan our goals. And the list is still very relevant,  and you can find it HERE. I will still ask myself these questions, but this year the most important question I am asking myself is, “what will this require of me?”

Why this question?

I want to know who I need to show up as in order to meet my goals. I know that in order to reach certain goals I have to improve on things, get into routines, make some sacrifices, etc. I have to show up for myself. And in order to show up for myself, I have to know exactly what my goals require of me. If I know what my goals require of me, I can start making plans and changes that help me meet those requirements. 

How does this look?

One of my goals for 2018 was to increase revenue for my Etsy shop, Love Jenell. After I wrote down the ways I can increase my shop revenue, I thought about the behaviors and steps I need to take in order to reach those goals. What do I need to sacrifice? What does my day look like while working towards the goal? What resources do I need?

One reason this question is important to me is that it helps me prepare for the challenges I may face. Growth and change can be difficult and uncomfortable. I believe, if we are honest with ourselves about what our goals require we can prepare ourselves for the challenges. We can face those challenges head-on and think about how we are going to tackle them in advance. We can begin to think strategically about how we are going to tackle these challenges. There are things that challenge and stretch me about blogging and running an online business, but those things are also necessary. Because they are necessary for me to achieve my goals, I have to figure out ways to work around those challenges. So, I ask the question to prepare myself. To get myself mentally ready.

But you know what this question means? It means that we must be honest with ourselves. We sometimes have to follow up this question with, “Am I willing to do what’s required?” Are the goals you are setting important enough for you to make the sacrifices and changes that are necessary to achieve the goals. If not, we must rethink our goals. Then we have to do some deep diving on why we have these goals and why we are reluctant to do the things to require us to achieve those goals. Maybe it’s that we are chasing a feeling or it’s something our family wants us to have. Whatever it is, we have to decide if we are willing to do the work and if not, why.

So, while making your vision boards and charting out your year, make sure you are asking yourself what your goals require of you. What person must you show up as to achieve your goals? What fears will you have to face? What changes will you have to make?

Prepare yourself so that you can crush it in 2018.

I hope by asking this one question bless your life like it has mine.

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goal setting

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you.


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