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God Can Turn Any Situation Around

Hey! I wanted to share with you all something that happened to me last week. It touched my soul. It reminded me how quickly God can change a situation and how He always has our back. I hope my story serves as a reminder of how quickly God can change a situation.

This past Friday I was driving home after dropping my daughter off at school. And that week, I had been overwhelmed by a few things, and I was tired of feeling like that…stressed and anxious. So, I was in my car listening to worship music and just talking to God. I recognized that I had been a bit ungrateful. Things my Husband and I prayed and saved for were coming to past in our lives. We just bought a new house 3 months ago and got a new car a month ago, and while I gave glory to God it was often followed with a “but.” Like, “that’s cool God, but what about these things.” So, while amazing things were happening in my life for my family I was still overwhelmed and stressed. And I just told God I was sorry for being ungrateful, and for acting as if He is not doing amazing things for me right now. I recognized that there are a lot of things I have to do, but that should not overshadow the amazing things happening. I was letting my joy to be stolen a little too easily.

One of the things that were bothering me was a home repair we had to find someone to complete. Last weekend we had a big wind and snowstorm in Philly. It was bad. Trees were knocked down and many people lost power. And at our house, our gutter got knocked loose. Not anything major, but it felt major to me because it seemed like so much was going on at once. And it didn’t help that as soon as you pulled up to our house, the gutter was just there like HEY. And we had 2 storms back to back. One on Saturday and the next on Wednesday, so it was difficult to reach someone for a quote. My husband called someone we knew to see if they could do it, and they couldn’t. I called a place off of Angie’s List, but they didn’t answer. So, we just decided to call a few more places the next day (which would have been last Friday) and get some quotes.

And here is where God shows up IMMEDIATELY.  There is a house down the street that is being remodeled. And last Friday, the house was getting new gutters installed. So, I park my car after dropping my daughter off at school and go speak with the men doing work and I ask him if they could give me a quote right now or actually do the work today.  The guys tell me that they are almost finished, but they’ll come and knock on the door and give me a quote when they are done.  Y’all! Tell me why the guy did the work for free! He climbed up on the roof, reattached the gutter and refused to take payment. Actually, he couldn’t even take payment, because of his boss found out he would have been fired for working jobs on the side. He still took the measurements and let me know in the near future there is a great chance we will have to replace the gutter, but our immediate issue was solved. The hanging gutter that made me roll my eyes whenever I pulled up, was fixed.  I felt as if God heard me and He put people in a position to help me. It was small but meant so much. Once the men left, I cried.  I was JUST speaking with God about overwhelm and gratitude. Sometimes we just need a win. A reminder that God has our back. And the men fixing my gutter was that for me.

Me seeing the men working on the gutters the very same day I cast my worries to God wasn’t a coincidence. Because if I’m honest, I didn’t go straight home after dropping my daughter off at school. I stopped by the beauty supply store and went to the grocery store. If I would have gone straight home after dropping her, I would have possibly missed the men working on the house, because they were not there when we left in the morning and my daughter’s school is only 5 or so minutes away. Them being there and doing the work for free, was a reminder to me that God can turn situations around, that prayer changes things and that God is listening to us! And I am also reminded of all the situations God improved immediately in the Bible. The woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-26). The Man at the pool (John 3:5).  The men at the gate Beautiful (Acts 3:2).  The things I was overwhelmed with where not as serious as the issues the people in the Bible faced, but God still showed me that there is nothing too small or big for Him to do. The same God who worked miracles in the Bible is the same God today.

I’m sure those men didn’t know how much that meant to me. They didn’t know I was having a bad week. They didn’t know that I had been overcome with overwhelm. They didn’t know I just prayed to God for ways to help me better deal with situations. We never know when God is putting us in positions to extend grace and favor to help other people. We also never know what other people are dealing with. So, remember to extend grace when you can. You never know when God is positioning you to be a blessing in someone’s life.

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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  1. Elaine says

    I am originally from Philly myself and moved to Greenville, SC almost a year ago. Thank you Janell for sharing as I was just feeling a bit discouraged myself and this encouraged me to look at things differently.

    • jenell says

      Thank you so much for reading! I am happy that you found this post. I know I am late replying, but I pray you are feeling more encouraged.



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