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Good Things Journal: Finding Joy in the Ordinary (Freebie)

It’s been forever since my last blog post. No excuses. I have just been living, working, loving and growing. But I wanted to share with you all my latest freebie and tell you why you need a Good Things Journal!

So, what’s a Good Things Journal? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a journal where we can write our good things down. What brings us joy. The goal is to write a simple or big joy down daily. The Good Things journal also gives you a chance to reflect on your month. It’s a good tool to help us find joy in the ordinary. 

Oftentimes, we mark our time by major events in our lives. However, in between those promotions and vacations, regular life happens. And we can get caught up in not seeing the beauty in our lives because we are not paying attention to those regular life days. This is especially true if you are working towards a goal or going through a hard time. We can be so focused on reaching the finish line or getting out of the valley that we don’t always look up and see the tiny joys or appreciate them as much as we should. 

But it’s not always about the tiny joys. Sometimes we forget the things that bring us great joy. The familiar and comforting feeling of lunch with an old friend, meeting sales goals, good reviews, a 20 pound weight loss, etc. We need to remember these times. How they felt. How they made us feel. Those times remind us that we can do it, it has happened to us before, that we are worthy and that it will be ok. 

Like I said, I’ve been all about creating my own sunshine by doing things that bring me joy and also finding joy in my everyday life. Sometimes you have to create joy in your own life. Read a book. Take a nap. Take a hot bath. Make your favorite meal. Go to Target by yourself. But we also have to look up and see the beauty in our everyday life. A new leaf on your favorite plant. A perfect iced coffee. A long hug from your kid. A sweet text from your partner. 

What makes you smile? What warms your heart/? What made you feel proud? What do you work hard for? Write that down! Remember it. 

This is a digital journal. You can get the GoodNotes app for Ipad or the Notability app for Android tablets in order to use the journal. I think it’s a great tool. I do have a more complete version in my Etsy shop along with other digital journal and planning supplies. You can find those HERE

If this journal sounds like something you are interested in, you can CLICK HERE for your freebie! You will need a PDF editing app like GoodNotes (apple) or Notability…both have a small (under $10) one time fee. These apps are totally worth it. You can do so much with them!

If you don’t mind, share your tiny joy for today in the comments! I’ll go first: I saw a cute video of students talking about what they appreciated about their teachers. It was super cute and made me smile!

Remember! You got this and God’s got you! 



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