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I’m back!

I took a hiatus last month to think of the direction I wanted to take my blog. While I loved the name Mama’s Got This, I enjoyed writing about faith and inspiration a bit more than writing about motherhood. I intend for Love, Jenell to be a place where I share my personal stories of overcoming a difficult season, my journey of starting a business and inspiration through the Word of God. So welcome to my new site. Same content. New name. Different look.

Last month I celebrated my birthday. I like to use my birthday as a time to reflect and plan for the upcoming year. While reflecting on last year, I realized how much having a grateful heart changed and saved my life. When I was going through the valley and it was dark, it was incredibly hard to see that things will change or that good things were still happening. When I changed my perspective to focus on the good, I was able to see how God was doing great things.

I realized that far too often we only want to celebrate the overflow of blessings, you know the pressed down, shaken together and running over blessings. BUT there is something beautiful in the just enough and never running out blessings. I love the story of the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17:7-16). People in Zarephath were dying because of a famine, but because the widow honored God’s request He made sure that she always had bread. And the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the curse of oil fail, according to the word of Lord, which he spake by Elijah (1 Kings 17:16). The widow wasn’t overflowing with loaves of bread, but the barrel was never empty and she always had oil to make bread. While people were DYING, her barrel NEVER went dry. Like how wonderful is that?

While I would love an overflow of blessings, I am so grateful that God has always made sure there was enough. I used to be way too focused on what I didn’t have, so it was impossible to see what I did have. The entire time I was in a space of uncomfortable transition, my family never went without and I stayed in my right mind. While I couldn’t shop every Gap sale that hit my inbox and I had some down days, things could have been worst. Just like the widow of Zarephath, I wasn’t blessed in abundance, but I was still blessed. Blessings come in all forms. While overflow is nice, I’ll also celebrate the never run dry blessings. For me having a spirit of gratitude was the game changer. Having a grateful heart and being thankful for what I did have allowed me to get through a really tough time and see God’s love for me.

I encourage you if you are going through a difficult time or want to get into journal writing, download the Seven Day Gratitude Journal I created. It’s intended to get you into the flow of things and to help keep your eyes and mind on the positive. It’s very easy to see the negative, but once we set our minds on the positive I believe great things will happen. The journal will allow you to step back and intentionally think about the things in your life you should be grateful for.

gratitude journal

Let me know in the comments what you are grateful for today. Today I’m grateful for no school days. I’ve been able to hang out with my baby girl since her preschool is closed and it’s been fun.

Remember, You got this, and God’s got you!



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  1. Joslyne says

    Yayyyy!!!! This site is so awesome I’ve missed you popping in my inbox brightening up my day and helping me to reflect and be centered on the word and my faith in excited to see how this challenge will go!!!



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