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January is almost over! That was pretty quick. Well, for me it was. And a lot of In order to hold myself accountable and actually remember what happened each month, I plan to review my lessons and wins for the month and plan out my major goals for the following month. Let me know if you all enjoy posts like this.

Revenue Goals are Bae: My good friend always talked to me about revenue goals. I always came up with excuses and thought I wasn’t ready to start setting revenue goals. But I did this month and it got me super focused on what I needed to do to meet those goals. Did I  meet my goals this month? Nope, BUT I did hustle a bit harder. I was a lot clearer on how many items I needed to sale in my Etsy shop and how many listings I needed for my eBay shop to meet my goals. I’m looking forward to celebrating the first time I meet my goal. I’m KNOW it will be soon.

Mushrooms are actually good: I’ve always avoided mushrooms. They never looked like something I would want to eat. But for the last 3 weeks of January I gave up meat, and for one of those weeks, I ordered Hello Fresh veggie plan. One of the meals they sent me had mushrooms as the star of the recipe and I was so sad about having to eat mushrooms. But they were actually good! Why didn’t you all tell me?! They will definitely be on my grocery list from now on.

Being Sick is the Devil: I’ve been chipping away at my goals for the month of January. But since I started off the new year with a bad cold, I feel like I’ve been playing catch up.  The week of the 15th was the first time I felt 100% and had the time to actually devote to my shop and blog. 

Friendship is Everything: This month I got to see my best friend. Even though it was just for the day. It was such a good time. She came from Vegas to Baltimore for some business meetings, so she took the train up to Philly to hang with me for the day. It was just a good day. This is just compounded by the fact that I had an impromptu convo with one of my closest friends about business, life, and vision that just made me feel good and ready to take over the world. It feels really good to have great friends. 

THIS post has been doing really well on Pinterest. As a result, my mailing list is growing and website views are climbing. I’m still learning the Pinterest ropes, but I’m excited to see the growth that Pinterest will bring. You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.



For the month of February, I’m dedicated to creating 8 blog post. And posting every Monday or Thursday. I also would like to increase the number of products in my shop, so I plan to add 10 new listings a week. I believe increasing products, promoting more through Etsy and Pinterest, as well as growing my @shop_lovejenell on Instagram will help meet my revenue goals this month. I’m also going to sell a bit more on Ebay to help bridge the revenue goals gap, but my main focus will be my Etsy shop.

One thing I’m doing this year is trying one new thing every month. For the month of January, I gave up meat. For the month of February, I plan to go to Yoga once a week. Stay tuned for my Something New Blog Series, as I plan to document my new experiences monthly starting in February.



Now that you know what I’m doing for February, let’s hold each other accountable. Drop one of your goals for the month in the comment section.

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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