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Monday Motivation: Don’t Stop! This is Only The Beginning


I’ve been thinking a lot about the New Year and how often this can be a discouraging time, especially if you have big goals. It’s easy to feel like you aren’t doing enough. Sometimes it is difficult to see how your day to day actions impact your larger goals. We know we should be doing these small things. Sending the emails. Doing the research. Creating the content. But when results aren’t immediately seen, some people like to turn around or throw in the towel. I just want us to keep going. To not expect every day to be filled with big breaks, and for us to honor the small things that help us achieve our big goals.

The Bible tells us not to despise small beginnings, and that God rejoices when he sees us start new things (ZEC 4:10). But in the beginning, it is very easy to despise your small efforts. But look. It’s someone with the EXACT same dream as you and they have done nothing! So, who is closer to their dream?. You or them? And I’m not saying this for you to compare your efforts to others, but to show you that those little actions matter! They matter! Applying for financial aid, purchasing a website domain, scheduling a meeting with a mortgage broker, sending an email, promoting on facebook. All these things matter. They all propel you forward. And forward is forward, no matter how far you go. So, while these small actions may not result in the blink of eye results, they get you closer to our goals. I love the quote “little hinges swing big doors,” by W. Clement Stone. Just thinking about how tiny a hinge is and how big a door is, and despite the hinge being small they are still the boss making the door swing. All of our tiny efforts are just like those hinges. They are the boss. They make things happen.

When God gave Noah the vision to the build the ark, he didn’t just plop an ark in his lap. Instead, he gave him the tools and courage to actually build it himself. When God gives us a vision, he also gives us the tools to see it through. The same God that gave Noah the courage and strength to bring his vision to life, is the same God who gave you your vision. So, just like Noah, we must do the work. And the work, at times, can feel small and seemingly unimportant. But I want you to be encouraged. Everything you do to bring your goals to life matter.  In my opinion, working towards your goals is trusting the Lord to see your efforts and knowing that he will honor them and help you create something miraculous.

Our dreams and goals are realized in the tiny things we do. It is not walking into Starbucks and being offered a modeling contract. It is not someone reading a blog post and offering you a book contract. Yes, that would be nice. And yes, there are exceptions to the rules. But more often than not, those who are living their dreams now put in years of hard work. They sent the emails. They took the classes. They built their following. They worked! You see, everyone is not going to have a Cardi B type glo’ up. Not too many girls can go from the strip club to Billboard charts in the blink of an eye. In Hollywood, you are more likely to see stories like Simone Missick who waited tables and hustled until being offered the role of Misty Knight. She talks about years of prayers, auditioning and doing the work before she booked Luke Cage in THIS podcast episode. If you get a minute I encourage you to listen to it. Don’t wait for your big break, start creating it.

I really want everyone to be encouraged. I want you to see that those tiny efforts are part of a bigger picture. And when you are feeling like giving up or turning around, hold the words of Nehemiah 6:3 close: I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down. There may be times when you feel like you aren’t progressing. No one is reading your blog. Your following isn’t growing. Money problems arise. Sales are down. It can be easy to turn around and give up. And if you did, not many people will fault you. But don’t do it. Keep going. Keep writing. Keep promoting. Keep creating. Keep trying.  And if nobody else sees your efforts, God sees you. The same God that took Joseph from a pit to a palace is on your side. Your side! God is with you, you cannot fail (Psalms 46?:5). Stay encouraged. Hold fast. Don’t stop! This is only the beginning! 

Remember! You got this and God’s got you.


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