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Seven Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean

Spring is near! And while most people are clearing their houses of clutter, I think it’s a good idea to clear our lives of clutter. There are everyday things that take up space in our lives that are unnecessary. So, I thought of a few ways we can Spring clean our life. These changes aren’t grand, but they will help you to eliminate some clutter and become more in charge of your time, space, and coins. You don’t have to do everything on this list, but just by doing a few your Spring, and hopefully the rest of year, will be a bit more organized and productive.


Clean Your Inbox
Go ahead and declare email bankruptcy.If you haven’t gotten to the 12,000 emails from 2017 by now, it’s a good chance you won’t. So hit delete and keep it moving.

Delete Old Phone Numbers
I used to have numbers in my phone that I couldn’t even remember who the person was. No need to carry around numbers of old coworkers, classmates or random folks you met if you have absolutely no reason to contact them again.


Spring Clean

Unfollow People on Social Media
If there are folks on social media that you don’t enjoy following anymore, unfollow. If it’s Facebook and you love the person, but the post to much, unfollow rather than unfriend.

Unsubscribe from Emails
If your inbox is filled to the brim with sales and newsletters that you aren’t interested in. Go ahead and unsubscribe. Like, Gap how many times can you have a Friends and Family sale? Every morning being bombarded with 20 sales emails is too much, especially if you are trying to save money.

Organize Your Desktop
Organize the 100s of random documents sitting on your home screen. By doing this you will be able to find your work quicker and become more productive. Click HERE to download the desktop organization wallpaper I created.

Examine Your Schedule and Coins
They say in order to know your values, one should examine how they spend their time and their money. Check your bank account and planners to make sure your usage of time is aligned with your goals and vision for 2018. So, if you are trying to get fit but your bank account says you live at Wendy’s and your day planner has no workouts scheduled, it’s time to reexamine your wallet and schedule.

Review Goals/Vision Board
It’s no time like now to review your 2018 goals. Pat yourself on the back for progress and reexamine goals you haven’t started yet. Realize that you still have 9 months (aka tons of time) to reach your goals.

There you have it, seven ways to spring clean your life. These are simple ways to reduce the clutter and noise. It’s all about being more productive and surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy.

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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Used this kit with my boyfriend and his family for New Year's eve to set our goals for 2021 and they all loved it! Made us really think deeper about our goals and what we should work on this year.


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