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What to do Before You Create Your Vision Board + Design Freebie

Vision Board

December is here! And I’m sure tons of people are beginning to map out their goals and plans for 2018. One way people get ready for the New Year is by creating a vision board.

It’s no surprise that I love this time of year and goal setting. But let me be honest, I have never created a vision board. I’ve always been a pen to paper type girl. And the only reason I never made one is….because I have no place to hang it. Sad, right? But this year I’ve decided to make a few small ones to put in my planner binder that I will see every day.  

While I haven’t created a vision board, I am approaching my vision board a lot like I approach goal setting.   I know there are tons of cute pictures on the internet and magazines, but they may not be what I envision for my 2018.  A vision board is nothing more than our goals and dreams in visual form. So, just like our goals and dreams, vision boards don’t work unless we do. I don’t want to just cut out images, I want to be clear on what I want in life. In order to be strategic and thoughtful in creating my vision board, I am sitting down and writing out my vision for the new year.  So, here are 4 things I’m planning to do before I create my vision board. 

4 Things to do Before Creating Your Vision Board

Get Clear

I’m getting clear about what I want my 2018 to look like. I’m getting clear on what I desire. I’m asking myself what would a successful year look like to me.  Not just what I want to do, but examining how success would look to me. Everyone’s definition of success is different, so it’s important that we can identify what we want our life to look like and what goals we would like to accomplish to have a successful year. 


I’m reflecting on 2017. I’m thinking about what could have been better. What was missing in my life this year? What I can afford (financially, mentally, and time-wise) to add to my life in 2018? What are things I desired but didn’t make room or sacrifices for? I guess it’s just about being honest with myself.  How did 2017 go, what things do I want to continue doing in 2018, and what are some things that I need to do in 2018? Those things that I need and want to do in 2018, are what I plan to add to my vision board. 


Oprah says that “God can dream a bigger dream for us then we can dream for ourselves.” So, while I can’t match the plans God has for my life, I can dream a bit bigger. So, I’m going to give myself permission to have big and scary dreams and set lofty goals.  A lot of times I set goals that I know I can easily reach so that I won’t disappoint myself. For the new year, I’m pushing myself harder in order to reach these bigger goals. 


His will. His way. I’m setting goals, but I’m also praying that those goals align with God’s will for my life. I’m asking him that he takes away anything that doesn’t align. Even if I want a certain thing to happen in my life and that goal makes it way on the board…I will happily accept it being blocked if it means walking in God’s purpose for my life.

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9


And after I am clear on those things, I can start to do all the cute and crafty things associated with vision boards. I want to make sure my board is truly the vision I want for my life instead of cute and glittery images cut out of magazines.


To make sure your vision board is both pretty and intentional, I’ve designed 6 cards that you can add to your vision board. I’m hoping before you design the vision board, you take some time to jot down some notes and really think about what you want for 2018, and don’t forget to pray over your vision.

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If you would like some additional supplies, I do have a digital Vision Board kit you can purchase. You can click HERE to check it out. It’s complete with goal setting worksheets and printables to decorate your vision board or frame.

Vision Board

Remember! You got this, and God’s got you!


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  1. Meagan Cooper says

    This is so great! Great extra printable too! I can’t wait to throw a vision board party! I’ve done one the last two years but not with friends.

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Used this kit with my boyfriend and his family for New Year's eve to set our goals for 2021 and they all loved it! Made us really think deeper about our goals and what we should work on this year.


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